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What is SEO? Hello friends. Today we will talk about Blogging SEO. If it comes to SEO then the first question is What is SEO? How to do SEO? The same thing happens. You will understand the meaning of Seo completely in this post.

Friends, if we make a website, then it is easily made, and we can easily write posts on that website as well. But then it comes to Traffic or Visitors, who do not come to your site.

If you want to generate income from the website, then it is necessary to have traffic on the website, Website Ranking is very important for traffic. And SEO is essential for both Ranking and Traffic.

What is SEO?

What is SEO?

In simple language, SEO means “Search Engine Optimization”. For example, Google is a Search Engine Platform. Millions of people search for information on Google, and they start seeing all the websites on it.

But Google ranks the site in which information is given in a good way, but Google, being a search engine, analyzes the entire area like a human being and reads the entire content.

If the information we need is entirely present, then that site is 1st no. But it is too much. But many websites give information in a perfect way, then Google has created SEO by seeing whom to rank.

Many bloggers have increased and websites have also increased along with bloggers. And the difficulties have also increased for Google, and SEO has been made to solve these difficulties. The site whose SEO is good, you will see that site at the top.

How to do Search Engine Optimization

(Search Engine Optimization) What is SEO? You must have understood this only then how to do Seo? Know about it. Because if you do not know the meaning of SEO then knowing how to do it, your time will be wasted and you will not understand anything.

To do Seo, you must first know the types of SEO. We have also told you some SEO types to do Seo. You read the whole post, then you will understand about SEO in full details.

Types Of SEO 

There are many types of SEO, what is SEO today? And its types will be known. If you look at Basic SEO, then ON Page Seo and OFF Page Seo are good for you, then you can easily rank your post.


On Page Seo is done by looking at the Theme, Page, and Layout of your website. If you want to do On-Page SEO properly, then you should keep the theme of your page simple so that the user does not face any problems in reading.

The speed of your website is very important for On Page Seo. If the speed of your website is slow, then the user has trouble, then the user goes to another site, which has a huge impact on your ranking.

⇒ Ex: – Your website speed is 3 sec and your competitor’s is less than that, then users will visit your competitor’s site more than your site, this increases their reach and their website runs more on your website.

Along with Speed, you should also take care of your Theme, Layout, and Site Structure. ⇒ Because if all this is good for you, then the user can stay on your site for a long time and if he likes your theme, he can read more articles.

Talking about the most important thing about On Page Seo, whenever you write your article, you will get H1, H2, H3, H4, etc. It is very important for all Headings to come in your article and Headings have to be used in the right place.

While writing an article, you also have to keep the paragraph length of the article correctly. Always keep your paragraphs short. Because if the length of your paragraph is small, then the user enjoys reading and if your paragraph is large, then the user may get bored while reading the article.


  • On-page SEO is important because it helps search engines understand your website and its content, as well as identify whether it is relevant to a searcher’s query.
  • With On Page Seo, your site can also rank well.
  • If you do On page Seo well then Google indexes your post quickly.

♦ What is OFF-PAGE SEO?

In Off page Seo, you have to do the process after writing the article. The more important you have given to On Page Seo, the more you should give it to Off page Seo, this also helps more in your Post Ranking.

⇒Ex if your website is new and no one knows your website, then you put the link to your website on Facebook, then people come to know about your website from Facebook, this is what we call Link Building or Off Page. Seo says.

In Off Page Seo, you have to take care of Link Building, Internal Links, and External Links.

⇒ Internal Links

If I put my own post links in any of your articles, we call it internal linking. ⇒Ex more traffic is coming on any of your posts and you want to take that traffic to another post on your own, then you have to provide a link to your post so that good traffic starts coming on your other post as well.

Internal Links also matter a lot to the growth of your site.

⇒ External links

Giving a link to any other website on our website is called an External link. You should always put 1-2 external links on your website.

Backlink SEO

What is Seo? You must have come to understand this, then you should also know that even after SEO, you must know how to make Backlinks. There is no post rank without Backlinks.

If you want to make backlinks, then you have to make them by looking at your competitor’s backlinks, for this, you can use Ahref Tool.


We have given you the complete information above, it is expected that what is this SEO? How to do SEO? By 2023, complete information about this would have been received. Still, if you are yet to get answers to some of your questions, then you can easily contact us by e-mail or comment.

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